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Episode 401

From the early 1980s on I was quite hooked on radio. One reason for sure was the electronic music show by Winfrid Trnkler. I lived in Cologne by the time, a perfect match for getting into EM. Of course, most of my friends listened to pop music, no wonder I heard a lot of it as well. More than that, we made our own little podcasts back then, well, they weren't named podcasts, but same principle: a tiny tape recorded show to hand around on cassettes. Well, why am I telling? Now, not only did I meet with synthesizers but also OMD started up around that time. Who are now back with a brand new album, available from today. A bit earlier than that, Michael Rother was very active. No new music here, but great timeless tunes you will get tonight. Especially, because the Electronic Circus is near, headlined by Michael Rother. And, as you know, I am a great fan of the Circus guys, so tonight you will get quite a bunch of tracks by acts you will be able to see live on stage on September 30th at the Circus. Quite an interesting mix at the festival and at this edition of syndae. Have fun with OMD (The Punishment of Luxury), CWNN (Heir of the Dog), Michael Rother (Radio), Sankt Otten (Messias Maschine), Argh (Get it Right), and Kebu (Perplexagon).


OMD - Isotype (The Punishment of Luxury)
CWNN - Medley(Heir of the Dog/Fingertips/When I Was a Girl) (Heir of the Dog)
Michael Rother - Medley (Katzenmusik 5, Flammende Herzen Film Remix) (Radio)
Sankt Otten - Wenn ein Masterplan keiner ist (feat. Harald Grosskopf) (Messias Maschine)
Argh - Medley (HomeMade Wings, Run Away) (Get it Right)
Kebu - Perplexagon Part 4 (Perplexagon)

Image: http://mrg.bz/e97e4b

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