Episode 399

Published: Friday, 18 August 2017
Ease of cake

Time for some sweetness in our lives. Experiencing the world sometimes (or often) is a big enough rock to carry around in one's mind. Tonight's music will let you take a step outside the daily world and will be very gentle to your thoughts. It's not about forgetting the daily troubles but to have a counterbalance. Have a pleasant evening with the wonderful tracks by Sasa Tosic (Circles of Time), Chronotope Project (Ovum), Fiona Joy (Into the Mist), Anantakara feat. Mukti (The Never Dying Fire), Rudolf Heimann (Touch the Sky), and Steve Orchard (Theory of Communion).


Sasa Tosic - Twentyone Seconds (Circles of Time)
Chronotope Project - Olduvia Dreams (Ovum)
Fiona Joy - Opus: Mist Rising (Part 2) (Into the Mist)
Anantakara feat. Mukti - Unweave the Star (The Never Dying Fire)
Rudolf Heimann - Last Chance (Touch the Sky)
Steve Orchard - A Token of Trust (Theory of Communion)

Image: https://www.pexels.com/de/foto/abendessen-backen-brot-cremig-315704/

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