Enhanced experiences

Episode 139 XL

Ambient music is something special. While it usually hides in the background, it not seldom acts as a kind of experience potentiator. On the other hand, it can give you a serenity putting your mind in a floating state. I love ambient music to let go or get into myself, and tonight you get quite a big hand full of it. Please, welcome the extra large edition of syndae with ambient tracks by Altus, Andrea Congia, Daniel Maze & Dave Zeal, Emerald Adrift, Marco Lucchi, Phillip Wilkerson, Reese Burgan, Robert Carty, Saito Koji, and Savaran.


Maxxess - Hard Grit (The Sequel)
Maxxess - Blue Road (Electrixx)
Maxxess - Uphill (Ultra)
Axess & Maxxess - Impact (Impact)

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