Open your ears

Episode 122

This is the first of a loose series of specials featuring music by selected electronic music labels. With this series I hope to introduce you even more to the wide range of styles and activities in EM, and where to look for what kind of music. The first label we focus on tonight is also a premiere to syndae. It's homebase is Chemnitz and the label is named Raster-Noton. Their releases range from ambient to experimental electronica, and, of course, this episode only presents a small excerpt of their portfolio. Tracks on tonight's show are by Atom TM, Fennesz, Frank Bretschneider, Kangding Ray, Mark Fell, Nibo, and SND.


  • Nibo - 25461604859430853501412845836947 (Frame Sync)
  • Kangding Ray - Pruitt Igoe Part 1 (Rise) (Pruitt Igoe)
  • Frank Bretschneider - Tigger Fun (Frame Sync)
  • SND - ONN (Frame Sync)
  • Mark Fell - Multistability 1-B (Multistability)
  • Atom TM - Clicktrack (Short Version) (Frame Sync)
  • Fennesz - The Man With the Sewing Machine (Frame Sync)

Label Homesite:

Maxxess - Elements (Authenticity)
Maxxess - Hard Grit (The Sequel)
Maxxess - Blue Road (Electrixx)
Maxxess - Uphill (Ultra)
Axess & Maxxess - Impact (Impact)

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