Within the music

Episode 96

It was just last year, when a younger electronic musician gained momentum and got known in the EM scene. Meanwhile, he not only had a fabulous gig on the great german Electronic Circus festival, but also won the Schallwelle award as outstanding Newcomer 2009. And, as important, he became a new born daddy recently. As of June, his new album is out, actually the first pressed album of his. All of this seemed amazing enough to get a little more information of this guy, resulting in tonight's special episode having an interview with dutch artist Meesha.

Visit Meesha at his website: http://www.meesha.nl


  • Meesha - Intrusion (Within the Parallel)
  • Meesha - Captain's Log (Titanic)
  • Meesha - What I am (Reverse)
  • Meesha - Oxygene 7 (live) (n/a)
  • Meesha - Within the Parallel (Within the Parallel)
  • Meesha - Interconnected (Within the Parallel)

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