Sequences from heaven

Episode 689

So I am back from the sea and the world is turning golden. Yes, fall is coming with all its beautiful colors. And so I decided for a little celebration by turning to the musical style of the golden age of electronic music. How fitting. Well, also among the colors tonight are the darker ones, as another musical hero passed away these days with Dominique Perrier, the man behind Space Art. My thoughts are with his family and friends. He spent his live in music, one of the main things that gives us joy and picks up on our emotions. So I hope you still enjoy the music tonight with tracks by Colin Rayment (Time Dilation), Alex Ringess (Sequenced Space), René van der Wouden (Gemstones IV), Gert Emmens (Gemstones IV), Janne Hanhisuanto (Are we there yet?), Plasman (Variable Mira), Space Art (Personal Duty), Däcker (Anthropomorphic Personification).



Colin Rayment - Fast Forward Chronograph (Time Dilation)
Alex Ringess - From Trantor to Terminus (Sequenced Space)
René van der Wouden - Vulcano (Gemstones IV)
Gert Emmens - Three of a Kind Part 2 (Gemstones IV)
Janne Hanhisuanto - Try to catch me (Are we there yet?)
Plasman - Neon Plant (Variable Mira)
Space Art - Across the Corridor (Personal Duty)
Däcker - Chronos (Anthropomorphic Personification)


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