Beat the heat

Episode 633

So, we had a nice little club event last weekend and it was great to see some people live and in color again. I mentioned the live music being played in past editions, which was also nice to hear not only coming out of my headphones. And then there is the catering, of course, one of the main reasons to go to a grill party. But, no, it's mostly the people. And having the joy to talk about our favorite passion: electronic music. Tomorrow is another such event for all who can make it. But tonight, you will get something completely different in style with tracks by Pete Ardron (Butterfly Tree), Saafi Brothers (Make Pictures With The Sound), niteffect (Memento), Werner Niedermeier (Grace Under Quarantine), Monolink and Pantha du Prince (Erik Satie. Fragments), b0t23 (Thirteenth Listen), Konerytmi (Bubble Flowers), 4T Thieves & Pandacetamol (Away Space), Phono Input (〖⩔〗).



Pete Ardron - Peacock Dawn (Butterfly Tree)
Saafi Brothers - The Possibility Of Change (Make Pictures With The Sound)
niteffect - Drain the Sun (Memento)
Werner Niedermeier - Out Of The Woods (Grace Under Quarantine)
Monolink - Gnossienne No. 1 (Erik Satie. Fragments)
Pantha du Prince - Gymnopédies n° 3 (Erik Satie. Fragments)
b0t23 - NotInABand (Thirteenth Listen)
Konerytmi - Jasmiini (Bubble Flowers)
4T Thieves and Pandacetamol - Blue And Squelch (Away Space)
Phono Input - That Space in Time (Bonus Edit) (〖⩔〗)


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