Dark times in sight

Episode 612

These are terrible days. I usually refrain from political topics on my podcast page, but what is happening in the Ukraine makes me sad and angry. I hope most of you guys are safe out there and will get out of any trouble. And I believe that most people in Russia do not support the actions of that dictator regime going to war with anyone. Well, I hope you all will be safe as well. It's a pity tonight's edition gets tainted by these actions. There is great music inside, beatful of course, as I need some beating sounds for some reason. Stay safe and have a thoughtful listen with music Markus Masuhr (Haze In The Abyss At Night), Morgen Wurde & Tis (Wacht), Piece Of Acid (Der Grosse Knall Remixes), W-litio (Vortex), TNT (Midnightradio Compilation 110), Mesopotam, Andrew Haines (Wayward Sketches of a Manual Labourer), Vodor L Zeck (Landsberg Dist), Toxic Derwish (Happy Birthday Mister Camembert!).

Disclaimer: I am not imposing any of my thoughts on artists on this show, nor do I claim that they share my views.



Markus Masuhr - Past The Sky (Haze In The Abyss At Night)
Morgen Wurde & Tis - Findet (ft. Maria Estrella) (Wacht)
Piece Of Acid - Der Grosse Knall (Children Of Mu Remix) (Der Grosse Knall Remixes)
W-litio - Helio (Vortex)
TNT - Bending Big (Midnightradio Compilation 110)
Mesopotam - Forgotten Numbers (./.)
Andrew Haines - Bluenight (Wayward Sketches of a Manual Labourer)
Vodor L Zeck - Arrival at 550 (Landsberg Dist)
Toxic Derwish - Torque (Happy Birthday Mister Camembert!)



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