On a mellow ride

Episode 559

Boy, what a busy week. So I had to clear snow twice this week. And on Sunday it had a thick frozen layer below the fresh snow on top. Had to hack through to get the sidewalk free. Of course, afterwards I was rewarded with exhaustion and some muscle pain next day. Imagine sitting at home for a year and suddenly having to move snow. Oh, well, sitting home is the new normal these days, no surprise there. Unfortunately, the weather was sneaky and covered my tracks with more snow the next days. Bad boy. Bad boy! Well. It's still in the minus so that white stuff will not go away for a while. No wonders I am longing for some relaxation, and here we go with tonight's tracks. Chill out music to relish the cold weather, but home with the heaters on and soothing on the couch. Please, join me -regarding the listen- with wonderful tracks by Suduaya (Starseeds), Nicholas Gunn (Sound Condition), Dusk Horizon (Stranded), Substan (DigiTales III), Ioon Cosmic Downtempo & Wasisunqu (Balance of The Butterfly), Thomas Park (Midnightradio Compilation 101), Faber (Floating Waves), CIALYN (In from the cold), Stellardrone (Between The Rings).



Suduaya - Starseeds (Starseeds)
Nicholas Gunn - Shine (Sound Condition) Feb 12
Nicholas Gunn - Sound Condition (Sound Condition)
Dusk Horizon - Crash Landing (Stranded)
Substan - Observer (DigiTales III)
Ioon Cosmic Downtempo - Metastability (Balance of The Butterfly)
Wasisunqu ft Sista Freedom - Spring Is Here (Balance of The Butterfly)
Thomas Park - Mazzys Star Journal (Midnightradio Compilation 101)
Faber - Breath (Floating Waves)
CIALYN - Heliotype (In from the cold)
Stellardrone - Rendezvous With Rama (Between The Rings)



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