Live becomes visual

Episode 557

Do you watch Youtube? I mean, I recently find myself spending quite some time watching channels on the platform providing various kinds of infotainment. Like the channel by Guy Michelmore, who teaches composition and does live composing. Or the LockPickingLawyer, who shows how he picks locks and debunks them being unpickable. Or the German channel on tv series and films by Ren Kühn. Or some science channels explaining the complex world of how science works and its findings. Or the German equivalent to Writing Excuses named "Schreibdilettanten" (writing jacklegs). Or, recently, the intros to American late shows by Fallon, Kimmel and Colbert. So, well, do you watch Youtube as well? Or is that old fashion? Let me know about the channels you cannot stop visiting in the comments. Oh, besides channels I do watch music videos, too. Of course, mainly electronic and ambient music. Many artists and labels I have on the show do have Youtube channels. Like several from this edition. But lets focus on tonight's fabulous tracks by Progeny -1 & Roberto Sass (Stranded), Stefan Erbe (Selectronisch Vol. 3), Tonal Assembly (Schallplatte 23), Closeyoureyes (10 Years Abstrakt Reflections), Kellerkind Berlin (Musikkonstruktionen), jCoke (Synthony I), Substan (DigiTales III), Cadenced Haven ft. Gert Emmens (Peregrination), Uriel (Culture Shift), Andreas Volllenweider (Cosmopoly).



Progeny -1 - Go! (Stranded)
Roberto Sass - Ready (Stranded)
Stefan Erbe - Hydrogenetica 2015 (Selectronisch Vol. 3)
Tonal Assembly - Meteorite (Schallplatte 23)
Closeyoureyes - Mismatched (10 Years Abstrakt Reflections)
Kellerkind Berlin - Lied für Cara (Musikkonstruktionen)
jCoke - Opus X. Game Over (Synthony I)
jCoke - Opus VI. Banned From the Clan (Synthony I)
Substan - Skyscraper (DigiTales III)

Cadenced Haven ft. Gert Emmens - Catalysis (Peregrination)
Uriel - Kalanshu Sands (Culture Shift)
Andreas Volllenweider - Stella (Cosmopoly)


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