Taking the good vibe tour

Episode 556

I'd say this week was full of good vibes. How did you experience the past days? It reads and looks like greater parts of the world took a deep breathe. I'm not going into political stuff, it's just the feeling I got when reading news and watching talk show videos. Well, let me know in the comments. On the other hand, with tonight's edition we have great new music that follows the inheritance of the 70s and 80s of the past century. Call it Berlin School or Krautrock or Ambient. It simply is hypnotic and mesmerizing music to be heard with pleasure. Join me for one hour with amazing tracks by Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen (Strange Gravity), Spyra (Schallplatte 23), Peter Mergener (Mare Nostrum), Obukhovaudio (Moograce 2), Erik Wøllo (Recurrence), Alba Ecstasy (Reaching for the Stars), Colin Rayment (Igneous), René van der Wouden (Return to the Stargaze).



Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen - The Revelation (Strange Gravity)
Spyra - Night Flight over Ruhrgebiet (Schallplatte 23)
Peter Mergener - luceat aquarum (Mare Nostrum)
Obukhovaudio - Moograce 2 (Moograce 2 (The Last Dragon))
Erik Wøllo - Way of no return (Recurrence)
Alba Ecstasy - Reaching for the Stars (Reaching for the Stars)
Colin Rayment - Rapparee Cove (Igneous)
René van der Wouden - Return to the Stargaze (Return to the Stargaze)


26-28 March: SoundQuest Fest 2021 Online Festival



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