Episode 549

Published: Friday, 27 November 2020
No turkeys on this train

Yay, it's Black Friday! So what could I give you for this money saving day? Hey, I give a 50% rebate on this episode. So you will get one hour of fantastic music with only half as many talkovers than usual for free. Isn't that something? Oh, well. Are you on shopping tour today? Hunting the best sales deal out there? So, I was curious, where the phrase came from. It seems rather mundane to refer to the massive crowd that built up on the day after Thanksgiving, opening the Christmas shopping season. No interesting story in there, really. What is interesting though, and actually exciting, is the excellent music you will find on this edition. So put on your headphones or turn up your amplifier for great sounds provided by Time Traveler (Sky Falter), Ron Boots & Synth.nl (BorkHavn), Stefan Erbe (Breathe), Primal Scapes (Entertain), Curious Inversions (Requiem for a Neural Network), and Christopher J. Wray (Berlin).



Time Traveler - Repeat That Day (Sky Falter)
Time Traveler - Lifeforms Detected (Sky Falter)
Ron Boots & Synth.nl - Vindmøller (BorkHavn)
Ron Boots & Synth.nl - Nordsøen (BorkHavn)
Stefan Erbe - Toxigen (Breathe)
Stefan Erbe - The Hunter (Breathe)
Primal Scapes - Each sunrise (Entertain)
Primal Scapes - Painting scapes (Entertain)
Curious Inversions - Sleeping Wolves (Requiem for a Neural Network)
Curious Inversions - Shack (Requiem for a Neural Network)
Christopher J. Wray - Dusk (Berlin)
Christopher J. Wray - Origins (Berlin)



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