Episode 502

Published: Friday, 13 December 2019
Taking off some darkness

Living in the northern hemisphere this time around is not the most uplifting thing. It's quite dark throughout the day, not really helping regarding one's mood. Many people put some light in their garden or windows, which might help a bit. At least it looks nice and provides a visual warmth. And then there always is music to help out. For tonight, I picked some tracks more in the area of chill-out, and while some seem darker with respect to the title, they all have a positive vibe on them. So take a seat, tighten your headphones and enjoy the music by moonbooter (Both Sides of the Moon), Astral Robot (Zero Point Fluctuation), Time Away & Myth (Interception), 4T Thieves (Hauntology), Yunas Orchestra (Manhattan's Dream), and Mick Chillage (Perfect Projection / The River).


moonbooter - Back to Earth (Both Sides of the Moon)
Astral Robot - Zero Point Fluctuation (Zero Point Fluctuation)
Time Away & Myth - Ascendants of the Third Moon (Interception)
4T Thieves - Daytime Astronomy (Hauntology)
Yunas Orchestra - Anemone Ride (Manhattan's Dream)
Mick Chillage - Perfect Projection (Perfect Projection / The River)



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