Episode 489

Published: Friday, 16 August 2019
In difference combined

Surfing on Youtube, Vimeo or similar video providers, I often stumble upon videos done for a music track. It reminds me somewhat of the early days and music TV. Actually, a good pal did a video teaser for my The Sound of Syndae CD, which is awesom (the video, and of course the CD). So I thought, I would try to do some video for tracks to publish. Turns out, there is quite some good software out there, for free even, to cut and edit videos. The most difficult part actually is to find a theme and, depending on the theme, fitting video fragments to combine to a full track length video. So there I am spending time on video creation, and I surely will let you know about its outcome later this year. Tonight's edition of syndae somewhat felt like combining fragments, as the tracks are rather short in duration. Therefore you get an eight track show tonight with contributions by Xenoton (Perpetuum), Video Void (The Balcony Girl), Deep Shoq and Chemtrails (Summer Sun Vol. 7), Organoid (2009 - 2019 Showcase), Tuuligan (Tales of Hidden Worlds), Nattefrost, Osinski (Try).


Xenoton - Perpetuum (Perpetuum / Single)
Video Void - Yardwork (The Balcony Girl)
Deep Shoq - Thirst (Summer Sun Vol. 7)
Chemtrails - Hoverpad (Summer Sun Vol. 7)
Organoid - Inner Vacuum (2009 - 2019 Showcase)
Tuuligan - Lagoon (Tales of Hidden Worlds)
Nattefrost - Save the Planet, Go Vegan (./.)
Osinski - I Colori Tenui (Try / Compilation)



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