Mind protection regulation

Episode 435

This week marked thee sprint to the finish regarding the General Data Protection Regulation. Quite a fuss on most websites. I barely got as many mails as these past days, for updating the privacy policy or asking for re-confirmation to send mails and newsletters. And exactly todday marks the spot where the new European GDPR is set active. Well, I had to do some work on my own, finding out about some newsletter system needing an update to conform to GDPR. And finally it's kind of done. I'm curious what comes next. But for tonight, I need serenity, especially with respect to music. So quiet but still wonderful tracks on the show tonight, composed by Fringo Chills (...in the nature), Sevensy (Finally Infinite), Simon Wilkinson (Stateless), Steve Roach (Molecules of Motion), Kevin Lyons (Organised Vibrations).


Fringo Chills - An Undiscovered Cave (...in the nature)
Sevensy - gnbrwg (Finally Infinite)
Simon Wilkinson - Descent In Amber (Stateless)
Steve Roach - Grace Meditation (Molecules of Motion)
Kevin Lyons - No Good Deed (Organised Vibrations)

Image: http://mrg.bz/b86020

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