Episode 283

Published: Saturday, 13 December 2014
Easeful sceneries

Resting from all the seasons hustle-bustle tonight, reflecting above the past weeks and thinking about what's to come. Looking for some inner peace, really, that's the mood I am in for tonight's show. Not a festive mood, beware, heard enough of those christmas tracks on the radio these days. So, time to provide my busy mind with a time out. Although, starting a bit nervous still with Phaeleh and his album Somnus. Taking some Time given by Walter Roos then. Happily welcoming back Palancar to our musical guests with Counting Raindrops. Then we follow Vague Traces by Phillip Wilkerson and Chris Russel. Obviously, dwelling in the Silent World with blessings by Csillagköd. We meet Nyul's When the Path Fades. And, finally, will admire the Luminosities presented by Three Fields.



Image: http://mrg.bz/d8RiFe