Episode 130

Published: Friday, 13 May 2011

When reading about the earthquakes in Japan and the terrible effects, I did not really know what to do wrt. syndae podcast. It's always a bit difficult to handle such situations. Now I have the chance to not only express my sorrows about the incidents and sympathy for all the people in Japan, but make you aware of a project supporting the red cross's work over there. It's a benefit compilation with great music, so it's not only benefitiary for the red cross but also for anybody ordering a copy of this double album. Representatively, I present 8 of 27 tracks of the album "Electronic music for life" by Glenn, Harald Nies, MaEasy, moonbooter, René Splinter, Spyra & Roksana, Uwe Reckzeh, and Visible Breath.

Official project page: http://www.em-for-life.de

syndae - episode 130


  • moonbooter - Precious life (Electronic Music for Life)
  • Uwe Reckzeh - Mut zur Hoffnung (Electronic Music for Life)
  • Spyra and Roksana - Ojcze nasz (Electronic Music for Life)
  • Ren√© Splinter - Tales of the Sundogs (short version) (Electronic Music for Life)
  • MaEasy - Ghidorah (Electronic Music for Life)
  • Glenn - Total Meltdown (Overdub) (Electronic Music for Life)
  • Visible Breath - Dark side of the tracks (Electronic Music for Life)
  • Harald Nies feat. Akita - Samasta (Electronic Music for Life)
Maxxess - Elements (Authenticity)
Maxxess - Hard Grit (The Sequel)
Maxxess - Blue Road (Electrixx)
Maxxess - Uphill (Ultra)
Axess & Maxxess - Impact (Impact)

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