10 Years of syndae - Call for tracks

This summer, I am celebrating the 10th birthday of my podcast. On August 25, 2008 the first episode of syndae was published. Meanwhile, there are more than 400 shows available online with countless of artists and albums. And I am happy about so many people enjoying the music I present.

Well, for the 10th I plan on doing something special. I had special shows before, especially for christmas season back in the years. But this will be different. The plan is to release an album in September, a pressed CD with unique tracks. And it shall not be any kind of tracks. Back in 1992, John Kerr published an album on a wonderful idea: giving artists a basic melody to work out their own version of it. And that’s what I will do.

If you are an artist in electronic or ambient music, I invite you to submit your track for the CD. The basis to use for the track is the syndae theme, which has to shine through somehow at least once. I will provide a midi file containing the signature elements: the theme’s sequence and the melody. While the theme changed throughout the years, both elements always were part of it in a way. This is not a remix contest, so no stems or sounds are provided.

To decide upon which submissions will go to the pressed CD, an independent jury of non-artists will be employed. Submissions not selected for the CD will be released in a free online only compilation. Of course, the ones selected will (later) be available as online release as well.

I am not planning to make money on this release. Artists whose tracks are selected will each get a number of free copies, which they may sell or use as give away.


  • The track must be new and never been released before.
  • The track must be at least 4 minutes in length and no longer than 8 minutes.
  • The track’s style must be fitting to electronic or ambient music, as played on syndae.
  • The submission must be in a lossless format, e.g. wav or flac.
  • The submitter must own the copyright of the track and the rights of use for everything in it.
  • The submitter must state any affiliation with copyright collecting societies.

Each submitter may submit one track only. If more than one track is submitted, one of them will be picked by random to enter the evaluation.

Submission Deadline: April 30, 2018

Please contact me for further questions.

download Download of the midi file


Btw., there is a complete track built around the theme from 2008, just in case you wonder about its roots:


  1. Must I use the Sequence and Melody as is?
    The premises is that sequence and melody should be used at least once in the track, so it is recognizable. The rest is up to you. So it should just be notable, that the track was somehow inspired by syndae's theme.
  2. What does "this is not a remix contest" mean?
    It simply means that the goal is not to create an elongated clone of the syndae theme. Submissions may stay close to the theme or wander far off as much as you like.
  3. Who pays the bill?
    I do. There is no cost involved for artists contributing to the call, including those being selected for the CD.
  4. Will the revenue be paid out?
    No. Artists being selected for the pressed album will receive a number of free CDs. The amount depends on the number of tracks selected and how the costs turn out to be.
  5. Should the submission be mastered?
    Before the tracks will be put together, the only changes I will make is to adjust the volume to provide a balanced listening experience. No further mastering is done from my side, so feel free to finish the track to your desire. Best not to boost it to the max, not to apply compressors or limiters, though. The mix delivered should be leveled no higher than -1 db, maybe about -3 db.
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