Episode 253

Published: Friday, 25 April 2014
Traveling notes

Life is but a dream? If so, here comes one of the joyful parts of it in form of excellent electronic music. Pure beauty cought in delicious sounds on tonight's playlist. Starting with a dream team, TMA featuring Martinson for a star dream journey. Then finding our Ways with aAirial from France, and looking for Archaic Frontiers with Alpha Wave Movement. Moreover, we took Opaeq from Lunarblues' Haarp. And then we are Passengers with Green Isac. Just before closing this dream journey with Brückner and Everling and their Sparrows.  


  • TMA feat. Martinson - Der große Traum der kleinen Sterne (./.)
  • aAirial - Breathing in, I smile (Ways)
  • Alpha Wave Movement - Promised Lands (Archaic Frontiers)
  • Opaeq - Flow (Haarp)
  • Green Isac - Particle Talk (Passengers)
  • Brückner & Everling - Crossing the Bridge (Sparrows)


Image: http://mrg.bz/KmDOLi

Episode 252

Published: Friday, 11 April 2014
For your pleasure

While we are at it, on tonight's playlist you will find music from past and coming events' artists, and some brand new releases as well. The first contribution is by Erik Seifert and Josef Steinbüchel, who just presented their new album at the Schallwelle ceremony, named Softlock. Followed by the grand-seigneur of electronic music Peter Mergener and a revived double album on his Creatures. This edition also is about two events coming up, which really deserve being visited and need your early commitment to make them happen. One of them is the Radio Happy Event on June 7th, presenting artists not seen before on stage in our realm, where I have The Glimmer Room and Bob Hedger on the show. The second event is E-Day, also presenting several new faces, artists with really cool music, like Pyramid Peak and Przemysław Rudź. Great music, great events to support.  

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Episode 251

Published: Friday, 04 April 2014
Of the records

Spring is starting brillant over her, and off you go sitting outside having sun. And for the late eventings, you still have some great music in a compact podcast form to enjoy the coming weekend. Hell, yeah. And tonight we go chill again, starting with Fanger and Schönwälder in cooperation with Cosmic Hoffmann who ask to Mopho Me Babe. We have a reprise of Vortex Elements and their Decennium Edition. Take the Money and Run, that's the advice given by Code Indigo in their newest release. Meanwhile, Faber presents us Ways. Then we have hot stuff by 40gradmusik and their initial release Thermosphere. Closing down the night listening to the new album by Wojciech Wszelaki, Many Different Colors of Love. Spot on.

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Episode 250

Published: Friday, 28 March 2014
John Kerr

Quite coincidental, but I think quite fitting that episode 250 is a special show on a great musician who will receive the Schallwelle Award for his life accomplishments: John Kerr. On tonight's playlist along with music by John Kerr himself there are other great artists of the golden age and beyond, namely Tom Story, Michael Garrison, Eric van der Heijden, and Ron Boots. This one is dedicated to you, John.

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Episode 249

Published: Friday, 14 March 2014
Wild stillness

Tonights show ranges somewhat between ambient scapes and rythmic experiments, which makes a really fascinating mix of styles to broaden your views on electronic music. First up is Rudy Adrian with his Atmospheres. Succeeded by two tracks from the latest Ambiend Music Group compilation, contributed by Noel. and Pas de la Dame Sauvage. We then have the latest Kevin Lyons album Lullabies for Strange Children. Followed by the cool upcoming release Distanz und Nähe by Lufth. Afterwards, Firnwald is on the roster with Transit Munich. And the closing track is by Ambelion's Waiting for for Quarters 2005. Enjoy.

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Episode 248

Published: Friday, 07 March 2014
The beat is on

What a mild week over here in Witten, and these temperatures not only lets one's heart beat a little faster of excitment, but also the show's tracks are speeding up a bit. So get up and into it with tonight's sounds, starting with Ephemeral Mists and their Illusions Blooming Softly. We also listen into The Decennium Edition by Vortex Elements. From Argentina, 1981 joins in with his Neodimia. And then we visit The Expanse by 4T Thieves. A nice compilation of various styles named Pass the Mic follows, featuring some electronica as well, where we picked tracks by Michael Hoffmann and Foehrb TS. Well, and the episodes closer is the brand new album by Weldroid, Cure Light Wounds. Hope you enjoy the music as much as I did.

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Episode 247

Published: Friday, 21 February 2014
Pattern of sounds

Step by step, not only getting closer to spring, but building patterns in music. And when one talks about Berlin School, it often is the pure lust on sequences triggering our rhythmic moves. Tonight, plenty of such music. Our start is In Repelen, music from Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder and friends, who will be on stage again in... make a guess... Repelen on February 28th and May 1st. Then we follow Projekt Gamma & Erich Schauder on their Star Street. I will present a free compilation from the International Electronic Music Association by having three of the many tracks on the show, which are by Sayer, Loomeer, and Alluste. And finally, Tangram has some Lustbient stuff for us.

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Episode 246

Published: Friday, 14 February 2014
Bold and beatyful

Still windy all week long and my shutters are rattling in an awkward measure. As the wind proceeds, syndae takes up some speed tonight, nearly ready for the dance floor. Setting of with a classic, Voyageur by Enigma. Then continuing our ride with Sk'p and his Orpiclem. Taking a DeepStep after that with DeepDubing. Followed by moonbooter showing us that he is Still Alive. More hard tyres hit the road with Noston's Interstellar Cosmic Brotherood. Just before closing this episode with a Protozorq Remix by Weldroid. No need to stay in your chairs.

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Episode 245

Published: Friday, 07 February 2014

A quite stormy night over here, the more fitting tonight's set is to me, with quiet and easy motives. New stuff as well as recent albums on this show, starting with a fresh one by Cousin Silas named Prisoner of the Coral Deep. Great news from Austria, Stan Dart collaborating with Mark Dorricott on Midnight. A new Erik Wøllo out, too, which is Timelines. Kahvi at its best right after, Fixme by Reii. And a new label to syndae, Laverna released Network by Molven. A well known guest follows with Tangram and Contemplations. And the final treat is The Brink of Time by SiJ.

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