Episode 277

Published: Friday, 31 October 2014
Join the fun ride

We're speeding up a little compared to last week, well, not really difficult, is it? And it's getting quite cool with a bunch of new and upcoming releases. It starts romantic, kind of, with moonbooter's brand new album Cosmoromantics. Then, a very delightful treat from the upcoming new album by Stan Dart called Pictures at an Exhibition. We will continue by Forcasting the Future with Vortex Mechanic. More great music on the show, there comes Altocirrus with Murmuration. And another fresh and wonderful album Quantum Earth by the music project Sequential Dreams. And finally, we get a track From Celephais by Kevin Bryce.

And before you push the play button: please, if you're an artist in electronic, ambient or related music, check our homepage for information about a compilation to be published together with Radio Happy close to Christmas (but not about Christmas). Maybe, you'd like to submit a track for consideration as well.



Image: http://picjumbo.com/colorful-fun-fair-night-ride/

Episode 276

Published: Friday, 24 October 2014
The grass is greener...

What a crazy autumn start. So many EM events one can barely imagine. Time, at least for me, to take a deep breath and step back a little. I'd be happy, if you choose to join me with this brand new edition of syndae indulging in ambience. Listen in to discover the beauty of quietude, where we start calm, get a bit stirred up and ending in a beauty. It all starts with a beautiful track by Bruno Sanfilippo from his album ClarOscuro. Followed by Orrorin Daydream who seduces us Like a Lioness. We then join The Ancestor Circle with Steve Roach and Jorge Reyes. Massimo Discepoli then takes us into his Parallax. And EugeneKha afterwards presents Etudes-1: Close Space. Close to the end, Maneki Neko is up with Muichi Motsu. And our fine final is by Sensory++ with Planet.


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Episode 275

Published: Friday, 17 October 2014
Sound's fantastic

I know, I know, it's bits and beats again tonight, but I could not help myself for being on the road tomorrow on my way to E-Live. So no sleepy music, and a bunch of crazyness in there as well. The show goes straight off with trance-ish Vortex Elements presenting a Transmission. We then have Continuity by Cirqut. Of course, having some DaoLogic giving the Groove Command. And then we have the great Plus by Drehton. We surely are up for the lastest Weldroid pleaser with Silicate Garden. Fading out with Part of the Industry by well known Stockman.

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Episode 274

Published: Friday, 10 October 2014
Driving the waves

Autumn is Summer! At least, when it comes to events in electronic music. We just had the fantastic Electronic Circus, next week there is E-Live (rumors say, they still have some tickets left, btw.) and in about two weeks, on October 25th, Pyramid Peak and BKS will be on stage in the Dechenhöhle, Iserlohn. Hence, there will be some music by both trios to give tonight's show the right start. That is Pyramid Peak with Anatomy and Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder with The Annazaal Tapes. Well, apart from this plug, more great follows. Like Baskyl and Enter Infinity. A re-release by Peter Mergener of his Passage in Time. The brand new Bochum Sky by Steve Baltes. And a nice reminder of Vanderson's album Another Day in Future. Well spend time tonight.

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Episode 273

Published: Friday, 03 October 2014
Turning Tables

Did I ever mention to have grown up in a time where there was no Internet? Well, there wasn't any. I did a podcast back then, though. It wasn't called podcast, of course, it was some kind of radio on tape and had to spin some vinyls for recording it. Now, what the heck are "tapes", you may wonder. Boy, where would I go explaining all this? Ok, simply ignore me jibbering and let's go "spinning" some mp3s which might chill you or fuel you. We literally start off with Mark P. Adler and Let Me Fly. Going over to Antipodes by a wonderful trio named Cirrusaka. The we have Memories by Sub.Made. Right before meeting a track by Gus Till from Ghosts of the Earth. We get some of the best of Colonial Blend Extra Bold by Voodoo Tapes (see, tapes are still known). Then spicing it up with Tangerine Tom and his contribution to the Midnight Radio Compilation 26. Finally, at the late minute we go to The Inhabited Worlds with the herbal mind of Cao Sao Vang. Have a good taste.

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Episode 272

Published: Friday, 26 September 2014
Taking all the time in the world

As we learn from physics nowadays, time is relative. And while 30 minutes seem a relatively short amount of time, it may offer a whole universe to you. Like tonight's show, serving about half an hour of gourmet music. It all starts with the upcoming release by Erik Wøllo and Bernhard Wöstheinrich named Weltenuhr. Then we have something you Oughta See from the audio table of General Fuzz. Of course, we have the brand new EP Direction Green by Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder on our playlist. You will get Corel Cave's Panorama tonight. And fade out with a track from the new Midnight Radio Compilation number 26 by Corvus Makuro Project.

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Episode 271

Published: Friday, 19 September 2014
Magic clown soon in town

Hope you don't mind me starting with a plug for the Electronic Circus tonight, because these guys are really awesome. And so are the acts, not at all categorizable as traditional electronic music only, but being a junction of synth-pop, progressive rock and electronica, and more. So, best join in at October 4th in Gütersloh for great modern music in an exclusive environment. Check out this episode to find samples of three participating acts: Vile Electrodes, Alerick Project, and Jerome Froese. Will be great to see you at the event.
Of course, tonight's show is not restricted to Circus music. After the plug, you will find more very cool music. Like Mozee und SundB's Idoka. Music from the upcoming Moodwheel EP. And a fine track from Asylum Sneaker by Room of Wires.

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Episode 270

Published: Friday, 12 September 2014
Getting smooth into the night

The issue with playing ambient tracks on a not so long podcast is, well, it is not so long. It's difficult to keep the beauty of those tracks with the need to shorten to reasonable air-time length. But on the other side, I do not want to give away the whole tracks either. If you enjoy and like the music, the best is to get hold of the according album as linked in the playlist below. And some of those are for free, too. So take a listen and do not hesitate to fetch your copy. Like one of the Ambient Music Facebook Group Compilation of September 2014, represented by Infinite Third tonight. Then there is Nyul with his album When the Path Fades. A new Dirk Serries coming up named The Original Reversal. You get to hear from Aloft by the Nirgoona Project. And a double feature from Meditaions Vol. 1 by Salt of the Sound follows next. A new EP named Murmurist is on by UK artist Hanetration. And finally, brand new stuff by Shane Morris and Mystified from Evolution. Dive deep into emotions.

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Episode 269

Published: Friday, 05 September 2014
Freshly painted

Plenty of new and coming releases to make an edition of, so here it is. A nice mix of decent electronic music to be heard, so simply put on your headphones and lean back. On this show, the new album by Erren, Fleissig, Schöttler, and Steffen named Night on Ouddorp. We have Beyond the Airwaves Volume 1, the freshly released album by David Wright. One of the many tracks of the new Schallwende compilation Schallplatte 16, with music by Thomas Jung. Also new, Songs from the Deep Field by Darshan Ambient. Not stopping here, giving a track by Iotronica and her new album Of Moons and Stars. Closing with another sampler, Core of Pleasure with the contribution by Jakub Fijak.

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