Episode 289

Published: Friday, 13 February 2015
Aural pleasantry

Just found some snowdrops on our houses corner these days, what a nice and beautiful sight. Those dainty and frail flowers finding a little spot to bloom. Is it coincidental that I picked just such kind of tracks for tonight's show? Maybe, but I think not. Well, after last week's wild ride we now have the wonderful world of harmony on the playlist. I hope, you enjoy the music as much as I, as it eased my mind during a busy week. On this show you get tracks by Bruno Sanfilippo (Inside Life), Alio Die & Lorenzo Montanà (Holographic Codex), Psicodreamics, Cousin Silas (Amidst Silence), and Michael Harris and Owsey & Resotone A New Beginning, For All of Us / Compilation).



Image: http://mrg.bz/OOTDih

Episode 288

Published: Friday, 06 February 2015
Salient ingrediences

Boy, it is freezing out there. Finally. This is what winter is meant to be in Germany around this time. Not that I would miss it, if it were warmer. What I would miss though, is a change in style and some listening challenge in electronic and ambient music. So tonight's such a night, where I have more not so easy listening tracks on the show. And I really hope, you enjoy the music to broaden your senses and musical experience. So open your ears and mind to have fun with: Abjective (Black ][ Trees) Catacombs of Doom and Hagen von Bergen (Midnight Radio Compilation 34), Noston (Malkuth), and finally Madstyle (Threads). Head your phones.

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Episode 287

Published: Friday, 30 January 2015

Time for a new episode tonight, having brand new music as well as some event tips for the near and not so near future. And they are colourful tracks this time celebrating the beauty of sound and harmony. Enjoy on this edition: Baltes & Erbe (S-thetic²), Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf & Rob Thomas (Monuments of Ecstasy), Bernd Kistenmacher (Paradise), BySenses (Frigments - Fragments), and Symmetry (Midnight Radio Compilation 33). And do not miss out the upcoming concerts with Bernd Kistenmacher in Münster, Berlin and Jena as well as the concerts by Baltes & Erbe in Oirschot, Essen and Windeck.

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Episode 286

Published: Friday, 16 January 2015
Sweet and juicy

Not that far from relaxing tonight, maybe even a bit quieter but also very elegant in sound. There is still some good stuff to catch up or to dig in further, so we have a nice mix of older, recent, and new tracks in this edition. To make it short: pick the speakers of your choice and have a great time with Midnight Airship (A River Once Flowed Here), Michael Brückner(Two Letters From Crimea), Faber (Stories), Northcape (Exploration and Ascent), Ambientium (Threads / Compilation), Ephemeral Mists (Odyssey of Rapture Vol. 2 / Compilation), and finally Wacky Southern Current (Today's Embrace).

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Episode 285

Published: Friday, 09 January 2015
The joy of chill

Hello 2015! Hello dear friends in electronic music! Hope you had a smooth ride and are up for some relaxed and chilling music tonight. It was the first week of work for me after a longish vacation, so it's just the music I needed. Maybe you feel so, too, or maybe you simply tune in to enjoy these fine tracks. On tonight's playlist are: Two Letters from Crimea by Michael Brückner, Alternate Latitude by Luc St. Pliac, kahvi's Threads with Data Rebel, Planet Boelex and Yimino, Twilight Flight by Shibuyo, and the Midnight Radio Compilation Christmas Edition 2014 with Auditory Perception.

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Episode 284

Published: Friday, 19 December 2014
Aural fireworks

Sitting in the dark, rain pouring against the windows, and a temperature of 11C - does not really sound like winter and new year season. But, hey, who cares, as long as we have great music to share with syndae. And today, you get two hands full with more than 60 minutes of fine new tracks. On tonight's playlist, I serve music by Markus Reuter, Melorman, Midnight Airship, Bernd Kistenmacher, Blackberry, Templezone, ALexis Voice, Le Chaudron Magique, SineRider, Shellbound, Homo Ambiens, and Tomoroh Hidari. Take a big pull at this episode.

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Episode 283

Published: Saturday, 13 December 2014
Easeful sceneries

Resting from all the seasons hustle-bustle tonight, reflecting above the past weeks and thinking about what's to come. Looking for some inner peace, really, that's the mood I am in for tonight's show. Not a festive mood, beware, heard enough of those christmas tracks on the radio these days. So, time to provide my busy mind with a time out. Although, starting a bit nervous still with Phaeleh and his album Somnus. Taking some Time given by Walter Roos then. Happily welcoming back Palancar to our musical guests with Counting Raindrops. Then we follow Vague Traces by Phillip Wilkerson and Chris Russel. Obviously, dwelling in the Silent World with blessings by Csillagköd. We meet Nyul's When the Path Fades. And, finally, will admire the Luminosities presented by Three Fields.

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Episode 282

Published: Friday, 05 December 2014
Sounds outside the box

Up for some out of the ordinary electronic music? Well, I am. And, I think, it's not so odd sounds you will get to hear. Rather inspiring and broading one's senses, really. It all starts easy with Pandacetamol and his Fluffy Inside 3. We have Saul Freeman, the man behind Thieves and Mandalay, proposing solo with Wait:Speak. Then there is Photophob's new treat named Partial Plug. A live extract after that, by Ketamu. We're going to listen to some Negative Mantras. Moreover, some really nice Sounds from the Lysergic Sun by Void of Realms. Closing this all with a powerplay from Eniac's Reclaim the Horizon.

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Episode 281

Published: Friday, 28 November 2014
Boarding the waves

We're upping the beats a bit tonight, getting in a groovy mood for about half an hour. Join me for some really nice tracks on this edition of syndae that make your body wanna move. Right at the beginning we have the upcoming Stan Dart release The Neon City Chronicles. We get a nice peek into the newer album Unstable Matter Situation by Altocirrus. Then digging into the HeadDown Jam as provided by Tetarise. You will experience a CosmoMoose heading for Shooting Stars. And finally two compilations on the show. The Midnight Radio sampler edition 31 represented by Christian Zander. And Waypoint with the track by Grouch.

And before you push the play button: please, if you're an artist in electronic, ambient or related music, check our homepage for information about a compilation to be published together with Radio Happy close to Christmas (but not about Christmas). Maybe, you'd like to submit a track for consideration as well.

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