Evening the odds

Episode 558

The downside of trying something new or unusual is that you do not know about the outcome. Does it please you? Does it anger you? Well, everyone is different in that. Some love new things and simply enjoy the change, some... and maybe I am one of them in most situations... rather refrain and stick with what they know. This also applies to listening to music. If there is a kind of music that makes you happy, you definitely want to have more of it, do you not? Well, it may depend on your mood, though, what kind of music comforts you. But at least in that matter I am in for risk and like trying new things. Of course, I have to anyway, listening into all the submissions for podplay, some of which are cool, some are interesting, others don't fit at all. As I tend to set a theme for each show, some music does not make it to a regular edition. Hence, for tonight, I picked tracks I think are very interesting but do not fit to the common kind of styles I have on. Hopefully, you will enjoy them, too. Here comes cool stuff by Dave Bessell & Parallel Worlds (Phosphenes), Massimo Discepoli (Last year, the next day), Green Isac Orchestra (Green Isac Orchestra), electric mud (Quiet Days On Earth), Cool Spring (Are We There Yet?), Anantakara (Newt [At Whose Feet is Eternity]), Peaceone [Optionica reconstruction] (Outcrop), Metalogue (10 Years Abstrakt Reflections), Revbjelde (Fukko The Clown), Bernhard Wöstheinrich (Eyes in the Big City).



Dave Bessell & Parallel Worlds - Darkest Colour (Phosphenes)
Massimo Discepoli - Parallel clouds (Last year, the next day)
Green Isac Orchestra - Aarwaaken (Green Isac Orchestra)
electric mud - the echoes of acheron (Quiet Days On Earth)
Cool Spring - The Final Train (Are We There Yet?)
Anantakara - Lady of the Sycamore (Newt [At Whose Feet is Eternity])
Peaceone - Astrostone [Optionica reconstruction] (Outcrop)
Metalogue - Congruence (10 Years Abstrakt Reflections)
Revbjelde - Fukko The Clown (Fukko The Clown)
Bernhard Wöstheinrich - Eyes in the Big City (Eyes in the Big City)



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