Episode 553

Published: Friday, 01 January 2021
New times sounding right

It is done. Another year is gone. A strange and memorable year, for sure. Well, no immediate change to be expected with the simple fact of us raising the number to 2021. But we are looking positive and hopeful to the coming time. Aren't we always? Of course, there is hope to be able to have music events again in the near (or somewhat near) future. And fear not, there will be great music to be heard at least on all the fine podcasts and radio shows out there, for example with the orgy of great tunes you will get tonight on this brand new edition number one for 2021. As a change of heart, it will be a bit more energetic than planned. A worthy start into the coming 365 unwritten days of the year. Put on your headphones and up the volume for tracks by Stan Dart (Basilica), Roberto Sass (The Sentinel), Tony Byrne (The Device), Harald Nies (The Flow of Energy), Organic Prizmo & Anitta (Ninth Listen), Zinkl (Tanzmusik für Roboter), 4T Thieves (Saciar), Stefan Erbe (Selectronisch Vol. 1 & 2), Erätarkastaja (Balance of The Butterfly).



Stan Dart - The Four Pillars (Basilica)
Roberto Sass - Even the Heavens Weep (The Sentinel)
Tony Byrne - Trenton Quarantino (The Device)
Tony Byrne - The Migration (The Device)
Harald Nies - Time Switch (The Flow of Energy)
Organic Prizmo - Marine Snow (Ninth Listen)
Anitta - Square Color (Ninth Listen)
Zinkl - Aufstand (Tanzmusik für Roboter)
4T Thieves - Repton (Saciar)
Stefan Erbe - If You Fall in Love (Selectronisch Vol. 1)
Stefan Erbe - Generation Electronic (Selectronisch Vol. 2)
Erätarkastaja - Utu II (Balance of The Butterfly)



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