Episode 547

Published: Friday, 13 November 2020
May the chill be with us

Thinking about tonight's edition, I thought about the term chill out and where it comes from. I could think of some situation, where you are getting hot because of anger or being uptight about something. Then you need to chill out, i.e. cool down. But I could not find any evidence to that origin. The general meaning though is to calm down and relax. And it's quite a young phrase, some claim it's from the 1970s, others put it to the 1980s. Well, if you know more about the origin of "chill out", let me know in the comments on social media or send me a message or mail. What I found interesting though and did not know before, to chill out also means to spend time with your friends. And that's perfectly fitting for syndae, spending time with all of you to listen to fantastic music by Eleon feat. Jeff Pearce (Chillscapes Vol. 1), Der Waldläufer (Daolai), Stefan Erbe (Breathe), Wellenfeld (The Journey of Voyager 1), Ivan Black (The Skirmish), D-Echo Project (Flavour), Rose (Quarantine in Warm), moonbooter (Beyond the Neon Lights), Rombreaker (Summer Pain), Toffo (The Matter of Life), In Vitro (Modulandi).



Eleon feat. Jeff Pearce - Floating Just Above You (Chillscapes Vol. 1 / Compilation)
Der Waldläufer - Daolai (Daolai / Single)
Stefan Erbe - Bright Like a Silver Star (Breathe)
Wellenfeld - End of Scientific Activity (The Journey of Voyager 1)
Ivan Black - Gardens of the Sahara (The Skirmish)
D-Echo Project - The Groove and the Dusk (Flavour)
Rose - Longtime (Quarantine in Warm)
moonbooter - Fernweh (Beyond the Neon Lights)
Rombreaker - Don't forget (Summer Pain)
Toffo - The Matter of Life (The Matter of Life)
In Vitro - Thunderstorm (Beatless Version) (Modulandi)



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