Episode 546

Published: Friday, 06 November 2020
Exhilaratingly relaxing

What a week! Especially nerve wracking for all hour friends in the US. For whatever happens next, I only hope the best for you guys over there. So all the right reasons to relax a bit and clear one's mind for all the things coming up. Tonight, you will get treats in harmony and melodic sounds, easy listening material for the soul's pleasure. So, if you feel in need of some chilling but cheering tunes, this is the place. Or if you simply like great and beautiful music, join in and listen to the wonderful tracks by Divine Matrix (Beachcombing), Robert Fox (House Of Chimes), Kevin Keller (The Front Porch of Heaven), Roberto Sass (Equinox), Deep Imagination (My Silent Celebration), Chris Field (Beneath The Sun), Mike Clay (Imaginary Edges), BlueMonk & Michael Whalen (Karmic Dreams), Evenfall (Monsoon Winds), Leaving Richmond (Visions), Richard Souther (Waiting in the Wings).



Divine Matrix - Unknown Origins Of Flotsam (Beachcombing (Soundscapes Vol 2))
Robert Fox - Glimmer of Light (House Of Chimes)
Kevin Keller - The Sky Below (The Front Porch of Heaven)
Roberto Sass - Like Tears In Rain (Equinox)
Deep Imagination - Longing For Peace (My Silent Celebration)
Chris Field - Beneath The Sun (Beneath The Sun)
Mike Clay - Edge of Wonder (Imaginary Edges)
BlueMonk & Michael Whalen - Moon Scape (Karmic Dreams)
Evenfall - Monsoon Winds (Monsoon Winds)
Evenfall - It's Almost Time (Monsoon Winds)
Leaving Richmond - Adherence (Visions)
Leaving Richmond - The Frequency of You (Visions)
Richard Souther - Waiting in the Wings (Waiting in the Wings)
Richard Souther - Lost Under Your Radar (Waiting in the Wings)



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