Episode 545

Published: Friday, 30 October 2020
Scores for scary times

Yes, I know. Everyone's jumping on the Halloween train these days. Well, so will I. Because there is such a great dedicated compilation by Legacy of Thought, I had to pick this up. And also I found more tracks, which are more or less suitable for this occasion. It's not one genre alone tonight, but very much some rather dark sides of electronic music paired with ambient segments. So, best to put your masks (or rather headphones) on and take some deep listening time to the excellent and frightening tracks by Stefan Erbe (Breathe), Myth and Ivan Black (Gehenna), Ombra Obscvra (La Nit Eterna), Otarion (Prayer from the Deep), Kliment (Eastern Depths IV), Corticem (Planetarium), Rïcïnn (Nereïd), RoboKnob (Eastern Depths IV), Dan Terminus (Last Call For All Passengers).



Stefan Erbe - Damaged not Dead (Breathe)
Myth - Khalas (Gehenna / Compilation)
Ivan Black - Bhaal (Gehenna / Compilation)
Ombra Obscvra - La foscor no compta amb nosaltres (La Nit Eterna)
Otarion - The Fall (Prayer from the Deep)
Kliment - Lake of Rememberance (Eastern Depths IV / Compilation)
Corticem - I Went to Mars and All I Got was Abducted (Planetarium)
Rïcïnn - Artäe (Nereïd)
RoboKnob - Дърпай Силно (Eastern Depths IV / Compilation)
Dan Terminus - Excalibur (Last Call For All Passengers)



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