Episode 544

Published: Friday, 23 October 2020
Get enlightened

Quietness in my job? No traffic on the roads? No. Just the need for some serenity has driven me to relish some cool ambient music and share it with you on tonight's edition. It's this time again, and it's always a great idea to give one's mind a rest from the outer world and contemplate, fetch up with all the thoughts wandering in one's mind. And maybe create some new and unexpected ideas. Maybe the sounds and noises to be heard can tickle your neurons to make new connections or revive some long forgotten ones. Have a wonderful and peaceful time with tracks by Time Being (An Ocean Of Time), Seramind (Embedsave), Sam Rosenthal & Projekt Artists (Tim, where are you now?), A.D.S.R. (UNO), Janne Hanhisuanto (Icescapes), Time Away (Gehenna), Swartz (Nighttide), Alnocys (Alnocys 2).



Time Being - A Perfect Heart (An Ocean Of Time)
Seramind - Phaphaggs (Embedsave)
Sam Rosenthal & Projekt Artists - the Alabaster reliquary of glittering ashes (Tim, where are you now?)
A.D.S.R. - La Noche (UNO)
Janne Hanhisuanto - Spring Is To Come (Icescapes)
Time Away - Mungoth (Gehenna)
Swartz - Warm Current (Nighttide (10 Year Deluxe Edition))
Alnocys - Hydrozoa (Alnocys 2)
Alnocys - Dendrogyra I (Alnocys 2)



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