Episode 543

Published: Friday, 16 October 2020
Uncasted talents

There is a bunch of shows for finding great, wonderful, super, hyper, next star singers. Not that I follow those shows or ever hear about the winners of them. But, where is the "Next Top Composer" show? Or a "Instrumentalists Have Talent" program? Well, just wondering. Would you be interested in such a show? A kind of competition for composers or instrument talents or actually to find new "stars"? Or do you think they would only server the same popular music styles as other shows? Leave a comment with syndae's channels. Or don't and simply relish the non-tv talents providing such great music and which you will always find via syndae. And there is a bunch of them on this edition, brand new stuff and great old treats by Wellenfeld (The Journey of Voyager 1), Substan (Requiem for a Neural Network), All Notes Off (Rise and Decay), Optionica (Biomechanics), Organic Prizmo (Eighth Listen), Dlaivison (Aeon), F.D. Project (Time to Remember), TK (Vertigo), Peru (Forlian).



Wellenfeld - Flyby of Jupiter (The Journey of Voyager 1)
Substan - Sleeping Wolves (Remix) (Requiem for a Neural Network)
All Notes Off - Layer down (Rise and Decay)
All Notes Off - Sir Tangerine Deckard (Rise and Decay)
Optionica - Biomechanics (Organic Prizmo Edit) (Biomechanics)
Organic Prizmo - Ocean Acoustics (Eighth Listen)
Dlaivison - The Child (Sinus, Pt. 2) (Aeon)

F.D. Project - Le Culte (Time to Remember)
TK - Vertigo (Vertigo)
Peru - Africa (Forlian)



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