Episode 541

Published: Friday, 02 October 2020
Winding up to the top

On we go with another hour of cool and fresh music, accompanied by some really awesome tracks from the past. And it's all full in traditional electronic music this time, with lots of sequences and soundscapes to relish. And I tell you what, there is something fascinating in this repetitive but slowly growing style which gets me again and again. Of course, it might be a reason that I am a child of the 80s where this style of music had some kind of golden age. It still rocks ... well, wrong term musically. The newer takes on Berlin School and influenced genres all add something own and modern to it. And still, listening to the good aged tracks, it all feels quite timeless. But listen for yourself to the marvellous tracks by TaboTago (Simulacron), Michael Brückner (Footprints), Wolfproject, Bouvetøya (The Fiction Makers), Thaneco (Journey to Ithaca Vol.1), Frank Specht (Sebastian im Traum), VoLt (HjVi).



TaboTago - Busybodies (Simulacron)
Michael Brückner - Space Suit (Footprints)
Wolfproject - Thrill (./.)
Bouvetøya - In Modular We Trust (The Fiction Makers)
Thaneco - Telepylos (Journey to Ithaca Vol.1)

Frank Specht - Traum 6 (Der blaue Quell im Grund) (Sebastian im Traum)
VoLt - Primeval (HjVi)



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