Episode 533

Published: Friday, 31 July 2020
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And the thinking goes on how to handle the change in licensing. Would be OK to have syndae as stream only? How do you listen to syndae? Do you download and listen later? Do you listen via the website? Or some other way? Let me know. Either in comments or by mail. I am currently looking at Mixcloud, which I use as second channel for a while now. Do you know it? Any experiences you can share? Let me know! But let's get back to the music. Netlabel day special part 2 tonight, with more cool free music. Many artists published music that day, not all of them suitable for syndae. Last week we had the quiet ones. This time, it's the rhythmic edition with excellent tracks by D_Smoker (Hot Trax), Olympic (Pequeño Cosmos), Jack_Plug (Rehacer), pl8 (Special Tape Compilation), SMOK (Brain Damage), Terranigma (Access Frame: Equity).



D_Smoker - Big Babol (Original mix) (Hot Trax / Compilation)
Olympic - Pequeño Cosmos (Pequeño Cosmos)
Jack_Plug - Catedral (Rehacer)
pl8 - Among Modest And Harmonious Folds (Special Tape Compilation)
SMOK - Old Signal Radio (Brain Damage)
Terranigma - Cyberpunk Tendencies (Access Frame: Equity / Compilation)



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