Episode 532

Published: Friday, 24 July 2020
Celebrating coloured notes

Some of you might have read about the dilemma for syndae regarding music licensed via the rights collective GEMA. They changed the license in a way that I can no longer have music on the show that is licensed by many such organizations all around the globe. This includes some well known artists in electronic music. I am still looking for a solution to this, as it would be a pity for the show, the artists and you as listener. Maybe there is no solution? Well, I am open for suggestions. So let me know, if you have an idea how to handle this issue. Tonight's edition is save, though. All the music is by independent artists who publish their music via netlabels. Yes. It's the first about the Netlabel Day. To calm down from the licensing shock, I chose rather ambient tracks. But, you know, even ambient is quite diverse. So have a great time with music by Harueda Mizu (Desert Song), Teeth of Divine (ReAct I: ReGenesis), Enrico Falbo (Planktón), Whaltthisney (Thisintoxica), Skeleton Hand (Dumb Sounds Vol 4 (Green)).



Harueda Mizu - Atom (Desert Song)
Teeth of Divine - Vahiy (Sevensy remix) (ReAct I: ReGenesis)
Enrico Falbo - Planktón (Planktón)
Whaltthisney - Allta (Thisintoxica)
Skeleton Hand - Sick Lullabies for Healthy Children (Dumb Sounds Vol 4 (Green))



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