Episode 531

Published: Friday, 17 July 2020
Hitting the right keys

Where do we come from? Where do we go? What is our purpose? Some questions often asked and maybe answered, especially in philosophical and religous views. To me, this question is a difficult one. If it is the right question at all to be asked. Maybe there will be some mighty artificial intelligence one day, whom the question is given. It may take some million years to get a response, and then it might come clear that the question was wrong and the answer is of no use. Ok, ok, one might see the reference here. But AI can do amazing things right today. Well, and may be used for shenanigans. Like an music creating algorithm. Would that be actual electronic music then? Or paintings, like the teaser image for this show. Well, the music of tonight is still hand made. Enjoy the wonderful tracks by Ethnicalvibes feat. Mayura (Ethnostep 10), Backstage Gurus (Mediterranean Odyssey), Trackologists feat. Cosmic Noise Crew (Seventh Listen), Bristol Manor (Down Time), Code Indigo (E-Scape 2020), Stan Dart (Murinsel III).



Ethnicalvibes feat. Mayura - The Purpose (Ethnostep 10 / Compilation)
Backstage Gurus - Santorini (Mediterranean Odyssey)
Trackologists feat. Cosmic Noise Crew - What is Your Purpose (Seventh Listen / Compilation)
Bristol Manor - The Siren's Call (Down Time / Compilation)
Code Indigo - Meltdown (Chill Out Remix) (E-Scape 2020 / Compilation)
Stan Dart - Birds View (Murinsel III)


via https://thisartworkdoesnotexist.com/

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