Episode 530

Published: Friday, 10 July 2020
Turning the tables

I am currently stuck in home office. Which is nice, as I save an about one hour daily drive to work. But I just realized that I listen to at least one hour less music each day now. Actually, in the past weeks, there is not so much music in my life, if it weren't for compiling a podcast. I assume that I am not the only one, as many people stay more at home now and especially music parties or events simply do not happen at the moment. What are all these DJs doing currently? Switching to Vidcasting? Well, as said, luckily there is syndae. So I have to take some time off to listen to music. The force is strong on this one. So let's have some fun tonight with the right speed of beat, listening to tracks by Bruit Blanc (La moitié de moi), Zen Racoon (Pote 3), Youth & Gaudi (Astronaut Alchemists Remixes), Spintribe (Zephyr), Hynamo (Baba Juno).



Bruit Blanc - Tuméro Un (La moitié de moi)
Zen Racoon - Mr. Oids (Blind Mix) (Pote 3 / Compilation)
Youth & Gaudi - Astronaut Alchemists (DM-Theory Remix) (Astronaut Alchemists Remixes)
Spintribe - Zephyr (LAVR Remix) (Zephyr)
Hynamo - New Monsoon (Baba Juno)



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