Episode 521

Published: Friday, 08 May 2020
Punk meets tradition

When thinking about tonight's edition, I coincidentally stumbled upon the photo used as teaser. It depicts quite perfectly the association to the music picked for this show. Cyberpunk is a genre that mixes modern technology with an adventurous age. The stories told are most gripping and fascinating, providing a playfield for the most unusual inventions in a not so technological advanced time of history spiced with todays knowledge of the possible and beyond. Kind of the same holds for modern takes on traditional electronic music, as you will get to hear. One can think of it as the artists looking back on the golden ages of the 70s and 80s and having their take on a historic musical view with modern knowledge. The time travellers telling their stories tonight are Remy (The Other Side), Space Art (Entrevues), Lisa Bella Donna (Portals), The Garwin Project, TM Solver (Oxymoron).




Remy - Everything is Distraction (The Other Side)
Space Art - Meteo (Entrevues)
Lisa Bella Donna - Rahmenerzählung (Portals)
The Garwin Project - Biohazard (./.)
TM Solver - Transzendenz (Oxymoron)



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