Episode 519

Published: Friday, 24 April 2020
A cup of sunshine

U.F.O.s! No, not really. As there are very few airplanes around recently, those bright shining and fast moving objects to be seen at the night sky a few days ago were very eye-catching. A chain of sattelites crossed our hemisphere and made lots of people wonder. And they really appeared to be very fast, well, meant for high speed internet, that's why. Haha. Ok, seriously. What would it be like to live on such a sattelite or the ISS for a while? I'd guess mostly quiet and peaceful? Or would there be lots of debris pelt against the hull making it sound like hard rain hitting the roof of ones home? Well, I am sure one would find some comfort in listenting to some music of tonight's edition. But no need to rocket into space, you can listen comfy sitting in your favourite chair. Have some ambient moments with tracks by Jarguna (The Morning Star), Mäläskä (First Day of Spring), Bernhard Wöstheinrich (Wishes Follow One), Eisenlager (Anime Comp), Cousin Silas & Glove of Bones (Cousin Silas & Friends Vol. 8 Pt. 1), Whalt Thisney (Quiethism).


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Jarguna - The Crystal Staircase (The Morning Star)
Mäläskä - Green Glasses Don't Make the World Green (First Day of Spring)
Bernhard Wöstheinrich - Seaweed (Wishes Follow One)
Eisenlager - Tonari no Totoro (Anime Comp)
Cousin Silas & Glove of Bones - Intermission 4 (Float) (Cousin Silas & Friends Vol. 8 Pt. 1)
Whalt Thisney - Long before it ever was (Quiethism)



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