Episode 513

Published: Friday, 13 March 2020
Keep calm and listen on

Friday 13th and edition 513 of syndae, coincidence? Maybe. Bad sign? Definitely not. But be aware, the music on this show may be infectious! It might lead to an addiction for electronic music. And while there was the first live big concert without audience in a proper concert hall, by listening to this podcast you will definitely join a happy audience with no regret. There is a bunch of new material on the playlist as well, so don't hesitate to tune in and relish tracks by Stan Dart (Retrospective), Time Away (A.I. Tomorrow / Compilation), Letters from Mouse (Proto Human), Volker Rapp (CO2), David Wright & Carys (Schwingungen Garden Party / DVD), Faber (Voices).


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Stan Dart feat. Andrea Kubanek - Supernova Part 2 (Retrospective)
Time Away - Third Principle (A.I. Tomorrow / Compilation)
Letters from Mouse - Dunkin (Proto Human)
Volker Rapp - CO2 Part 6 (CO2)
David Wright & Carys - Dreamflight (Schwingungen Garden Party / DVD)
Faber - The Hive (Voices)



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