Episode 512

Published: Friday, 06 March 2020
Beats with the right ring to them

Not sure, how many of you listeners will remember that phones actually looked somewhat big and bulky only 30 years ago. They were meant to talk to someone else living far away. When I see people with smartphones nowadays, seldom they are using it to talk. It's amazing how things and communication changed over the past years, actually during my life. It is a crazy time with rapid developments that happened during the past years, and it's really speedy. Not sure, where I am going with this. Well, also about 30 years ago electronic dance music was on a high, I'd say. The sounds you will get tonight are definitely its children, taken several steps further than simple dance floor material. Have a wonderful listening experience with tracks by Smooth Genestar (Music for sleepless cities), In Vitro (Aguanoche), Kavalier (Digital Family Vol. 8 / Compilation), Bite (Everything. Works 2005-2019), John Nap (John Nap), Aleckat & Hynamo (Apollo).


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Smooth Genestar - Music for sleepless cities (Music for sleepless cities)
In Vitro - Chico Mendes (Aguanoche)
Kavalier - Sad But True (Digital Family Vol. 8 / Compilation)
Bite - Old Woman Frying Eggs (Everything. Works 2005-2019)
John Nap - lyricalLanceAide (John Nap)
John Nap - rcdTake1 (John Nap)
Aleckat & Hynamo - Man Boi (Apollo)



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