Episode 511

Published: Friday, 21 February 2020
Sound strokes

Art is all about rousing emotions. If a piece of art doesn't touch you, it is not meant for you. And it does not matter what kind of emotion. Any emotion counts. Reverse, of course, not everything that stimulates your emotions you is art. Obviously, art is a personal matter. Based on experiences you made in the past. And this is true for any kind of art, be it paintings, or be it music, as in the case of what syndae presents to your inclind ears. Hopefully, what you will hear tonight will fall into the category of art of your likings. It definitely falls into mine. Listen in and decide for yourself for tracks by Kirsten Agresta Copely (Around the Sun), windspace (Zephyr), Steve Roach (The Sky Opens), Indigo Symbol (Terminal), EugeneKha (Sky Breath), Test Card (Music For The Towers).


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Kirsten Agresta Copely - Surya (Around the Sun)
windspace - Sierra Sunrise (Zephyr)
Steve Roach - The Sky Opens (Live 2019) (The Sky Opens)
Indigo Symbol - Trepidation (Terminal)
EugeneKha - Sky Breath (Live Version 2016) (Sky Breath / Single)
Test Card - Data Taken Over Under Rating (Music For The Towers)



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