Episode 510

Published: Friday, 14 February 2020
Wonders in vibrations

I'm not sure, why I tend to choose rather melodic music recently for this podcast. Maybe it is the mood I am in, so that I need a little contrast to my work, which is rather chaotic at the moment. Which is about to change soon, to become a different kind of chaotic (Ha!). Or maybe it's the season, where it stays rather dark most time of the day. Or maybe it is the political situation, which kind of drives one crazy seeing so much incompetence and selfishness of people being in charge all over the world. Or maybe because it's Valentines today? Not really. But whatever the reason, the music that currently finds its way into the shows is simply wonderful to listen to. And wonders are most welcome, especially in form of tracks like provided by Marc Enfroy (Surrounded), Hollan Holmes (Milestones), Stan Dart (Loneliness EP), Tuuligan (Sininen), Darshan Ambient (A Day Like Any Other), and Andy Pickford (Aphelion).


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Marc Enfroy - Aotearoa (Album Version) (Surrounded)
Hollan Holmes - The Truth Laid Bare (Milestones)
Stan Dart - Loneliness (Chillout Mix) (Loneliness EP)
Tuuligan - Above the Clouds (Sininen)
Darshan Ambient - The Republic of Dreams (A Day Like Any Other)
Andy Pickford - Aphelion Part 2 (Aphelion)



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