Episode 508

Published: Friday, 31 January 2020
Treasures of the brainbow

Do you think that life may be an eperiment with some white-bearded guy watching from above how it works out? Well, this might sound a bit like the famous novel by Douglas Adams. Following what happens in the world, one could only derive that it is. And better than any novel, suddently some thing happens, no one would have guessed. Not pointing to anything specific here. In the end, life is what you make of it. And more or less often one has to try things, to follow one's instincts on what might serve your life best. That may also be true for an artist, when looking for the next cool piece of music or sound to express oneself. In that sense, I hop you have great fun and joy with tracks by Lakmus Red (Shepherd Drift), kothyus (Six Listen), Culture Deaf (Audio Dark), C Mantle (Acre, Aged 10), Noston (Dark Lord is Coming), and Sternenspringer (Exoplanet).


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Lakmus Red - Ratopia (Shepherd Drift / Compilation)
kothyus - Motor interno (Six Listen / Compilation)
Culture Deaf - Gadget Copter (Dub Mix) (Audio Dark)
C Mantle - Con-fusion (Acre, Aged 10 / Compilation)
Noston - Perse Polis (Dark Lord is Coming)
Sternenspringer - Aufbruch (Exoplanet)



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