Episode 498

Published: Friday, 08 November 2019
A matter of visuality

Humans are a very visual species. Maybe most living beings are, but for humans I can definitely tell. If the current state of a work in progress cannot be shown, if it is not tangible, it seems difficult to explain the progress made in up to this point. On the other hand, when listening to music, one usually starts to create visuals in their mind. So it's not only the aural experience that touches you but the virtual images it produces. Each and every track of this edition did this to me, and the images always were different and contributed to the musical adventure. I think you will experience that as well when listening to Adrian Earnshaw & Benedict Roff-Marsh (Kosmicheskoye Tango), Betrand Loreau (Eternal Sorrows), Andy Pickford (Psymanteum), creeps (one), Kellerkind Berlin (Sun And Snow).


Adrian Earnshaw & Benedict Roff-Marsh - Oceans of Enceladus (Kosmicheskoye Tango)
Betrand Loreau - Flying Machine (Eternal Sorrows)
Andy Pickford - Psymanteum Part 6 (Psymanteum)
creeps - creep5 (one)
Kellerkind Berlin - Zu Besuch Bei Freunden (Sun And Snow)



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