Episode 487

Published: Friday, 02 August 2019
No tricks, just magic

Do you enjoy magic? I mean, the real world stuff where they do all sorts of tricks which seem to be impossible to happen. Magicians somehow took over several talent shows, it seems, but this may all be my bubble of experience. To me, it still is fascinating how they make cards vanish and reappear from thin air. I know it's a trick and I think about how it could be done. I also admit that I sometimes watch videos revealing tricks, just out of curiousity of how it is done. And my biggest respect to the magician's imagination on ways to fool spectators. Creating music that really gets to me to me also is kind of magic. Here, it is not about fooling but about injecting emotional hooks into the listener. Most commercial productions don't do it for me, as they do work with the equivalent of magic tricks, but not with passion in mind. The tracks on my show don't play tricks. They simply have the vibe to make me love them. Some of such tracks are on tonight by Kuni (Coalesce), moonbooter (EVIL 18 2DE), Aevio (Bioluminiscence), Schiller (Morgenstund), Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian Pabst (Meerblick), D-Echo Project (Cine Visions).


Kuni - Effgenic (Coalesce)
moonbooter - Theia (Stutter Mix) (EVIL 18 2DE)
Aevio - Cassiopeia (Bioluminiscence)
Schiller - Harmonia (Morgenstund)
Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian Pabst - Surfwellensommer (Meerblick)
D-Echo Project - Open Wit (Smooth Genestar Remix) (Cine Visions)


November 23, Electronic Music 4, Ron Boots and moonbooter live, M√ľnster



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