Episode 482

Published: Friday, 21 June 2019
Ready, steady, and peace out

Fixing a toilet seat does not sound very exciting, and it is not. Especially, when one encounters all the screws being rusty and don't do their job anymore. Well, you are screwed then. So I had a nice afternoon ranting swearing. Well, all the better when the show planned for the evening contains some much more exciting sounds and helps coming down. This is really a wonderful collection of tracks tonight, and I hope they help anyone getting steady. At least, I hope you will enjoy the music as much as I. On this edition you will get the fabulous music of Der Waldläufer (Feel), Mike Woodlark (Mackland Ave), Ancient Astronaut (Through the Tunnel of Love), Eko Fisk (Psychopaths on the Western Frontier), Stan Dart (Murinsel Vol. 2), Eagle (Black Eagle)


Der Waldläufer - Feel (Feel / Single) // 21.6.
Mike Woodlark - A Sight for Sound (ft. Jonathan Orner) (Mackland Ave)
Ancient Astronaut - Ancient Astronauts (Part 1) (Through the Tunnel of Love)
Eko Fisk - Lovely Black Aston (Psychopaths on the Western Frontier)
Stan Dart - Reflections (Murinsel Vol. 2)
Eagle - Black Eagle (Black Eagle)



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