Episode 458

Published: Friday, 30 November 2018
Food for fantasy

Tomorrow I'll be on the road to Belgium, looking forward to great musical acts on stage and to meeting lots of electronic music fans. If you are there, don't forget to say Hi. Of course, I'll be there with Stefan Erbe joining his stall for presenting The Sound of Syndae, and Stefan will do some interviews for empulsiv, too. There is plenty to see and hear at the festival, the B-Wave organizers did a great job on that. But before I jump the road, with tonight's edition we celebrate the beauty in electronic music. Easy going and relaxing music before the heat goes on. With wonderful and brand new music, brought to us by Chronotope Project (Lotus Rising), Steve Orchard (Skyway), Sylvain Carel (Talisman), alucidnation (Paracosmic), Gavino Morreti (The Corn Mother), and Reskimus.


Chronotope Project - Crossing the Great Water (Lotus Rising)
Steve Orchard - Let's Talk About It (Skyway)
Sylvain Carel - Where Spirits Live (Talisman)
alucidnation - All At Sea (Paracosmic)
Gavino Morreti - Ritual and Unearthly Fire (The Corn Mother)
Reskimus - The Last Sun (./.)



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