Episode 394

Published: Friday, 14 July 2017
Take a seat

Some people might say that ambient music is made for the background, to accompany something more important or to simply fill a gap in the environment to serve as acoustic noise. It's definitely not so. Ambient needs ones full attention, to have the right experience of its richness and beauty. It's OK to ignore it, if one has no interest. But you will miss a lot doing so. For me, seriously listening to ambient music is an amazing source for creating many kinds of images in my head, and emotional strong ones. An important detail is to let the music sink into your mind and stop chewing that damn potatoe chips. It may not work everytime or for everyone. So I hope, some of the music of tonight's show will reach you guys out there. And I am fully aware, that me talking over the tracks might disrupt doing so. But, hey, go on and fetch the releases presented and relish them in their wholeness. Only five such tracks are on tonight, gifted to us by Levente (Empires of Silence), David Helpling (A Sea Without Memory), Sava Marinkovic (Through the Air), Giulio Aldinucci (Boule à Neige), and Simon Wilkinson (Merging the Infinite).


Levente - Carolingian Beauty (Empires of Silence)
David Helpling - A Sea Without Memory (A Sea Without Memory)
Sava Marinkovic - To the Stars and Above (Through the Air)
Giulio Aldinucci - Autofocus (Boule à Neige)
Simon Wilkinson - Meridian Flux (Merging the Infinite)

Image: https://www.pexels.com/de/foto/ausruhen-bank-chillen-dock-161029/

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