Episode 392

Published: Friday, 30 June 2017
With love to the details

So I recently started to watch one of those criminal drama series, Bosch, that I liked quite instantly. It may not have the most inventive story, which still is good though, but it features characters. To me, that is one major advantage and very important as stories nowadays may vary but seldomly are really new. One of the reasons Babylon 5 was so successful, if you ask me. Now. Besides in TV shows, characters also are important in music. Artist wise as well as musical wise. If a track has no character of its own, it sounds dull. Hence, when you hear music on syndae, whatever the style, there is something of character in it. At least to my ears. Even if the music itself is not my cup of coffee, if it sounds interesting enough it might end up on one of the episodes. Well, for tonight I can say that all of the tracks are very much to my likings. And I hope you will enjoy them, too. Welcome the wonderful music of Wellenfeld (Ten), Tony Byrne, Holon (Midnight Radio Compilation 86), Stan Dart (Ecclesia), weldroid (Live at Twitch), and Circa State (Homegrown).


  • Wellenfeld - Reflections (Ten)
  • Tony Byrne - Silence at Last (./.)
  • Holon - Surrounded By Silence (Midnight Radio Compilation 86)
  • Stan Dart - Malum (Instrumental) (Ecclesia)
  • weldroid - Ultradiversion (Live at Twitch)
  • Circa State - Summer Dream (Homegrown)

Image: http://mrg.bz/V3FJk0

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