Episode 385

Published: Friday, 21 April 2017
Keep it rolling

So there I was at the garage, waiting for my car being done. A mandatory check up I have to have done every two years. And the mechanic came back with the news that one tire runs bald. I am surely not someone driving a hot wheel. I like it smooth and steady, like the music playlist I choose for longer trips. Well, so I have to get new tires for the car, but this also seals the fate for tonight's edition. Yep, we'll have it smooth and steady. Not too soft, of course, don't want to fall asleep on tour. So lean back and enjoy a wonderful musical trip with Paul Kwitek (Qualia), SineRider (Stay Home), Melorman (Somewhere, Someday), Vanderson (Beyond Time Structure), Jim Black (The Heat), and s_ence feat. snc (See).


Paul Kwitek - Green Tea (Qualia)
SineRider - Relax (Stay Home)
Melorman - Somewhere, Someday (Somewhere, Someday)
Vanderson - Children of Andromeda (Beyond Time Structure)
Jim Black - Into the Light (The Heat)
s_ence feat. snc - Lake (See)

Image: https://www.pexels.com/de/foto/zerbrochen-auto-gummi-rustikal-53161/

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