Episode 287

Published: Friday, 30 January 2015

Time for a new episode tonight, having brand new music as well as some event tips for the near and not so near future. And they are colourful tracks this time celebrating the beauty of sound and harmony. Enjoy on this edition: Baltes & Erbe (S-thetic²), Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf & Rob Thomas (Monuments of Ecstasy), Bernd Kistenmacher (Paradise), BySenses (Frigments - Fragments), and Symmetry (Midnight Radio Compilation 33). And do not miss out the upcoming concerts with Bernd Kistenmacher in Münster, Berlin and Jena as well as the concerts by Baltes & Erbe in Oirschot, Essen and Windeck.



  • Bernd Kistenmacher live: January 31 in Münster, February 20 in Berlin, and February 28 in Jena.
  • Baltes & Erbe in Concert: April 18 at E-Day (Oirschot, NL), May 30 in Essen, June 19 at Schwingungen Festival in Windeck


Image: http://mrg.bz/NxBmHv