Episode 273

Published: Friday, 03 October 2014
Turning Tables

Did I ever mention to have grown up in a time where there was no Internet? Well, there wasn't any. I did a podcast back then, though. It wasn't called podcast, of course, it was some kind of radio on tape and had to spin some vinyls for recording it. Now, what the heck are "tapes", you may wonder. Boy, where would I go explaining all this? Ok, simply ignore me jibbering and let's go "spinning" some mp3s which might chill you or fuel you. We literally start off with Mark P. Adler and Let Me Fly. Going over to Antipodes by a wonderful trio named Cirrusaka. The we have Memories by Sub.Made. Right before meeting a track by Gus Till from Ghosts of the Earth. We get some of the best of Colonial Blend Extra Bold by Voodoo Tapes (see, tapes are still known). Then spicing it up with Tangerine Tom and his contribution to the Midnight Radio Compilation 26. Finally, at the late minute we go to The Inhabited Worlds with the herbal mind of Cao Sao Vang. Have a good taste.


Image: Death to Stock (http://deathtothestockphoto.com)