Episode 190

Published: Thursday, 20 September 2012

One day early, as I'll be on the road tomorrow evening, we'll be going into darker material tonight, drifting somewhere in between ambient and industrial electronica. So it is time to let your mind take a grip on softer and harsher waves, floating or backed by creaking sounds and drifting beats.

We start out smoothly with Light and Shadow by Janne Hanhisuanto. Calmly followed by Incentive's Rera pushing us a bit towards the end, which leads right into some more technical world by Rasul Mono from his Silhouettes. Afterwards, The Nikki Grace Experience puts some experimental thrill to it with a()anda partur 2. We'll be cought by the Jarguna and his dark and thriving movements from Waiting for a Call from the Unknown. Just to be challenged by some driving technology from Hanetration's Torn Heat. And it is Ross Baker with his Photografic Reflection soothing us with dark and peaceful soundwaves, seamlessly floating into the Genuit Machina by Ivan Black, which in the end turns out to push us forward. Only, to even out with Bengalfuel's Neely.

Have a great time and take care.

syndae - episode 190




- Uphill (Ultra)
Axess & Maxxess - Impact (Impact)

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